Professionals for the mechanical insulation of your equipment

Also called “pipe covering”, mechanical insulation is used to insulate the equipment in order to extend its life and improve its efficiency. Mechanical insulation allows great savings. In buildings of commercial, industrial or institutional size, it can generate savings well into five figures, so long as the work is carried out by professionals able to meet your specific needs.

Mechanical insulation: how to protect commercial and industrial equipment while reducing energy waste

On a commercial or industrial scale, the equipment used is often imposing, and so are its running costs. But to avoid the unnecessary cold or hot areas created by this equipment, and to improve its efficiency, mechanical insulation is highly recommended. By insulating, for instance, the ventilation ducts, boilers, pipes and tanks, you allow them to heat or cool only what needs to be… These energy savings will make the equipment more efficient, and make you save money.

Among the many advantages of mechanical insulation there are:

  • a reduction of energy losses
  • substantial savings year after year
  • a thermal and personal protection
  • a return on investment
  • an increased durability of the equipment

Mechanical insulation is not an expense, but an investment!

Pipe covering allows a better efficiency of the equipment while extending its life. Even if mechanical insulation is hidden, its role is crucial. Its absence will translate into higher running costs, but also into a lower quality environment. In a work context, for instance, mechanical insulation allows a constant temperature, less disturbing noise, and a better fire protection.

What kind of equipment should be insulated?

Globally, all equipment that is creating or absorbing heat should be insulated:

  • plumbing
  • mechanical processes
  • ventilation ducts
  • boilers
  • cooling systems
  • tanks
  • refrigerators
  • generators

What are the recommended products for mechanical insulation?

Depending on the equipment and the extent of the insulation needed, the mechanical insulation expert will work with the following materials:

  • fiberglass, rock wool, etc.
  • canvas, PVC, aluminium, etc.
  • insulation blanket
  • etc

When should these works be performed?

Mechanical insulation should be planned before building the installations. Indeed, it is possible to perform mechanical insulation after the building is completed. However, when it is taken into account from the beginning, the insulation is only easier and more efficient because the spaces can be better adapted to it.

Algon’s mechanical insulation

Algon is specialized in mechanical insulation, and its team of professionals always performs their work according to the company’s high standards. This is well known by corporate clients such as Valero, Chimie Parachem and the CHUM. Our employees are trained to use and install different types of insulators with advanced techniques according to the customers’ different needs. Algon maximizes the energy efficiency of any type of building, and guarantees the work.

The difference between Algon and its competitors:
highly qualified employees, safety-oriented work, and convincing results

In addition to its vast experience in the petrochemical sector, Isolation Algon 2000 offers recognized mechanical insulation emergency and maintenance services. Moreover, its personnel always work in total conformity with Algon’s health, safety and environment protection policies. The company aims to avoid all accident/incident by means of rigorous follow-ups of every task performed.

To know more about our products and services or get a free quote, please contact us.

Our skilled personnel is regularly trained according to the industry’s latest developments. This training is related to subjects such as:

  • insulator applications
  • equipment use
  • personal protection
  • scaffolding
  • work-site safety
  • other mandatory training