Algon: the insulation specialist for your home

For 40 years, Isolation Algon 2000 has been a leader in insulation. Whether you need thermal insulation or acoustical, our experts can insulate the inside and outside of your house, chalet or garage, from roof to basement including floors, walls and ceilings.

Purchasing a house is often one’s life investment. A good insulation is key to a healthy and temperate environment that keeps you and your family comfortable. Proper insulation will transform your house into a warm home where living—and breathing—is enjoyable. It will also help preventing condensation, moisture and mold problems, as well as water infiltrations and air leaks.

Qualified and experienced professionals to protect your house and family

Qualified and experienced professionals to protect your house and family
In addition to thermal and acoustic insulation, we can also decontaminate houses that contain asbestos, a dangerous task that requires qualified experts who follow very strict work protocols. We are recommended by CAA Habitation since 1999, which shows our reliability and commitment to offer a high quality service that meets the industry’s highest standards.
Our solid reputation in residential insulation is based on the competence of our employees as well as on our advanced insulation techniques using the best insulating products on the market. Our specialists are following continuous training programs, including the ones provided by the Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ) and the Association de l’isolation du Québec (AIQ).

Make savings with insulation

Thermal insulation work makes your house more energy efficient and allows you to save on heating costs. Hiring an insulation professional to address drafts, condensation and moisture problems in your home can become a profitable investment.

Subsidies available

Insulation work with Algon 2000 entitles you to the Rénovert tax credit and subsidies from the Rénoclimat program!

The quality and performance of Isolation Algon 2000’s insulating products guarantee a higher energy efficiency of your home while you benefit from various energy-related programs and services.

Visit Revenu Québec’s website for more details on how to proceed to claim the RénoVert tax credit, on the conditions of eligibility and on the amounts of the subsidies offered.

The financial aid granted by RénoVert for your insulation work can add to that of the Rénoclimat program!

RénoVert tax credit

logo-credit-dimpot-renovertThe RénoVert refundable tax offered by the Québec Government is intended for owners and co-owners who wish to have eco-friendly residential renovation work performed. Effective until March 31st 2017, RénoVert replaces the LogiRénov program that expired in 2015.

The eco-friendly renovation work eligible for the RénoVert tax credit include work on the dwelling’s envelope carried out by a qualified and recognized contractor:

  • Insulation of the roof
  • Insulation of the exterior walls
  • Insulation of the foundations
  • Insulation of exposed floor

Rénoclimat program

logo-renoclimatRénoclimat is a financial aid program established in 2007 by the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles du Québec (MERN) to encourage eco-friendly home renovation. Work related to the insulation of buildings comes under the Rénoclimat program.

Note that you must make an appointment with a Rénoclimat advisor to evaluate your home’s energy performance before starting renovation work.

Visit the MERN’s website for more details on how to benefit from the Rénoclimat program, on the conditions of eligibility and on the amounts of the subsidies offered.


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