What is a semi-rigid insulator?

A rigid or semi-rigid insulator is found in the form of mineral fiber boards (rock wool, fiberglass). It is used to improve thermal and acoustical insulation of the walls during the construction or renovation of residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.

Where can semi-rigid insulation boards be installed?

Semi-rigid boards are offered in a variety of thermal resistance values, sizes and coatings for various applications:

  • Roofs (flat roof, cathedral ceiling)
  • Interior and exterior walls.

What are the advantages of semi-rigid insulation boards?

  • Excellent soundproofing performance
  • Good thermal properties
  • Water-repellent and fireproofing qualities
  • Light, easy to handle and install
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very versatile: can be easily cut and shaped in various ways

Our main suppliers

For the installation of high performance rigid or semi-rigid insulation boards, Algon 2000 gets its supplies from manufacturers that are known as the best in their field: