Extruded or expanded polystyrene insulator

The polystyrene insulator is an insulation material found in the form of a board made using plastic foaming or extrusion process. Thanks to their rigid closed-cell structure, polystyrene insulation boards offer a great resistance to compression as well as remarkable waterproof and moisture-resistant properties.

What are the advantages of polystyrene?

  • Good thermal resistance
  • Very high resistance to water and moisture
  • Excellent R value/price
  • Durable, can resist compression and deformation
  • Polystyrene boards are light and easy to cut and install

What are the applications for this insulator?

Because of their thermal properties, polystyrene boards are used as an efficient thermal insulation material for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings:

  • Under concrete slabs
  • Cold chambers
  • Outside face of foundation walls
  • Covering of interior or exterior walls.

Our main suppliers

When it comes to rigid insulators, Algon 2000 chooses high-density polystyrene boards that are compliant with the National Building Code and LEED standards.