Intumescent coatings

Intumescent coatings (or intumescent paints) are thin films used as fireproofing for the steel structures supporting a building. When they are exposed to fire, intumescent coatings expand and carbonize, providing an insulating layer that delays the construction steel’s temperature increase. Intumescent coatings are commonly used in hotels and airports as well as industrial and institutional buildings.

How does Algon 2000 install intumescent coatings?

In compliance with the National Building Code, Algon’s fireproofing specialists apply sprayed intumescent coatings on the surfaces that need protection. In the case of steel or concrete slab constructions—for which fireproofing is required by the law—, Algon’s specialists will carry out their work according to U.L.C. standards (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada).

Our main suppliers

Isolation Algon 2000 uses highly efficient intumescent coatings that are recognized by the industry, and work techniques in accordance with the best practices and the latest standards.