Cementitious coatings for building fireproofing

Cementitious coatings are applied to fireproof exposed interior or exterior steel structures such as beams, pillars and metallic bridging in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Cementitious coatings are also used to create a thermal and protective barrier on exposed polyurethane.

How are cementitious coatings installed by Isolation Algon 2000?

In order to meet the industry’s highest requirements, Isolation Algon 2000 has developed a solid expertise in the installation of cementitious coatings.

In compliance with the National Building Code, Algon’s fireproofing specialists apply sprayed hydraulic cement coatings on the surfaces that need protection. In the case of steel or concrete slab constructions—for which fireproofing is required by the law—, Algon’s specialists will carry out their work according to U.L.C. standards (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada).

Isolation Algon 2000 is proud to be supplied only by the best manufacturers in the industry.

Algon only chooses cementitious coating manufacturers that are renowned as leaders in their field. The products applied by our professionals are compliant with the National Building Code’s standards and can help you to obtain LEED credits.


Our main supplier

GCP Applied Technologies (GRACE).

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