What is cellulose insulation?

Cellulose insulation is made up of recycled paper fibers and biodegradable components. Blown or injected cellulose is used for new building or renovation projects.

Cellulose for thermal insulation

Blown cellulose fiber allows the elimination of holes responsible for air leaks or infiltrations, making it an excellent thermal insulation material.

Since blown cellulose can easily be applied around obstacles such as structural beams or plumbing pipes, it if often used to insulate attics, ceilings, walls and other hard-to-access areas

Cellulose for acoustical insulation

For soundproofing purposes, cellulose can be blown or sprayed onto surfaces or injected into walls, floors or ceilings to reduce noise or vibrations in residential buildings, condos, hotels and commercial or industrial buildings.

Algon 2000: experts in cellulose installation

Specialized in thermal and acoustical insulation, Isolation Algon 2000 has the expertise needed to install cellulose fiber thermal or acoustical insulation.

Our main cellulose fiber suppliers 

Our blown cellulose insulation specialists only use highly efficient cellulose fibers from renowned manufacturers, such as:

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