The Algon Team is a reference in its field

Algon is a contractor in insulation with 40 years of experience in its field, and is recommended by CAA Residential. In business since 1976, Isolation Algon 2000 is one of the few companies that offer such an extensive range of services. Whether is it energy saving, noise canceling, moisture reduction, asbestos removal or fireproofing, we can insulate your home or building in a durable and professional way.

Our team of experts is at your service.

Isolation Algon 2000 has more than 100 employees. Their expertise is key to our success and the satisfaction of our customers. Our insulation services are renown and recognized. With the passing decades, the company has built its name with a strong will to excel. Whether it is the quality of the materials used or the advanced training provided to its personnel, Algon has the reputation of a company that offers an unmatched service to the customers who choose it.


Maryse Poupart

Commercial, institutional and industrial

Building envelope manager

Hugo Belzile

Estimators and project managers

François Paquin, Lyne Lauzon, Driss Diouri, Sarah Hillmann: Architectural insulation specialists, fireproofing and intumescent coatings, fire stop, acoustical insulation, air and vapor barriers

Mechanical insulation

Director of the mechanical department

Daniel Robidoux

Estimators and project managers

Carl Champagne: Mechanical insulation and asbestos decontamination

Residential and Commercial


Thermal and acoustical insulation, asbestos decontamination

Our Foremen

Tristan Belzile : Architectural insulation, fireproof insulation, air and vapor barriers
André Bourget : Asbestos removal
Claude Boulé :  Fireproof insulation
Jean-Guy Bouchard : Mechanical insulation, asbestos decontamination