Isolation Algon 2000: a specialist in all kinds of insulation, and much more

After 40 years, thanks to its renown expertise, its quality materials and its customer-oriented philosophy, as well as skilled, conscientious employees that keep up with the industry’s latest developments, the Algon Team still accomplishes that mission on a daily basis.

We can insulate from A to Z, we do it well, and are proud of it.
Yves and Maryse Poupart, owners

Standards of excellence for a variety of services

Indeed, as an industry leader, Isolation Algon 2000 has set itself the task of remaining the specialist in the installation of insulation in all its different forms, but also of offering insulation-related and complementary services. This is how it has come to develop, in addition to thermal, acoustical and mechanical insulation, an expertise in the fields of fireproofing, asbestos decontamination and building protection barriers (air and vapor barriers, fire stops and smoke seals). Always on the look-out for the latest trends in insulation, Algon is synonymous with innovation.

An unmatched reputation fuelled by an unmatched service

In addition to its varied service offer in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors, Isolation Algon 2000 always gives priority to the satisfaction of its customers. And this is how the works carried out only confirm Algon’s outstanding reputation as a subcontractor.

In conclusion, quality, professionalism and respect are what defines the work ethics involved in every project, whether the customer is a private individual, the owner of a business, a large company or a government corporation.