A bit of history

Founded in 1976 by Arthur Laurin, Isolation Algon 2000 is a Québec-based company which, over only three decades, has become a key player in the insulation industry of its province. Today, Algon’s customers can benefit from the company’s wide expertise, including services related to thermal, acoustical and mechanical insulation, fire stops and air barriers, fireproofing (hydraulic cement coating and intumescent coatings), as well as asbestos removal.

A modest beginning

At the time of its foundation, Algon’s activities were basically limited to the thermal insulation of residential buildings. The insulation materials used by the employees were mainly injected. But the industry was growing at a fast pace and the company soon extended its service offer, especially after it was bought out by Mr Yves Poupart in 1982.

The company takes up the commercial and industrial
sectors and broadens its insulation services

In 1986, less than 10 years after its foundation, Algon tackled the commercial and industrial markets. Thanks to the acquisition of its competitor, Isolation Y. Girard, the company was able to increase its number of employees and, by this very fact, the variety of its activities. In addition to these new markets, Algon began to offer the installation of air and vapor barriers. A few years later, Algon also developed an expertise in fireproofing (a process in which the structure of a building is coated with fire resistant substances). From then on and until today, Algon would enjoy an uninterrupted prosperity.

Purchase of equipment and hiring of personnel specialized in asbestos removal and mechanical insulation (lagging)

In the early 1990s, Algon further diversified its services by creating and training a team of specialists for the removal of asbestos. The company bought the latest asbestos decontamination equipment, and so ensured itself many customers who were looking to rid their sites of the insulating material newly identified as carcinogenic.

The following year, mechanical insulation (lagging) was also added to Algon’s service offer, thanks to the acquisition of new personnel and tools.

Isolation Algon 2000 is growing and employs over 100 people

As the year 2000 approached, the insulation contractor recommended by CAA Residential already had a growing number of customers. To stand the pace, Algon’s owners decided to hire new employees. Aware of the importance of using the industry’s latest products and methods, the owners reinforced and developed the skills of their workers by offering them training with the ACQ (Association de la construction du Québec), the AIQ (Association de l’isolation du Québec) and the CUFCA (Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association). With Mrs. Maryse Poupart as a president, Isolation Algon 2000 was further confirmed as a leader in the insulation industry.

Isolation Algon 2000 reaches new heights and wins the Best Business Award

In September 2012, it is with great pride that Isolation Algon 2000 received the Construire Trophy from the ACQ (Association de la construction du Québec). Honored as the company of the year, Algon was now renown for the company’s many achievements in the residential, commercial, industrial and the institutional sectors. The award, considered as the ultimate recognition of Algon’s excellence by the industry, also confirms the appreciation and satisfaction of the company’s customers, which include Hydro-Québec, Radio-Canada, the Montréal Casino, the Montréal Airports, the Fort Garry Hotel in Manitoba, Ultramar, Bombardier, the ETS (École de technologie supérieure), the Université de Montréal, Mel’s Studios and many others.