Soundproofing: expertise required

To insulate a building against vibrations and noise is not as simple as it may appear. One can prevent the outside noise to be heard inside a building, or prevent the noise inside to be heard outside. According to the need, the construction features of the building and the surface that requires insulation, different materials and installation processes will be used.

What types of buildings should be soundproofed?

Noise often bothers people, as suggested by the expression ear pollution. To work in peace or enjoy the comfort and privacy of your home, an adequate soundproofing is necessary. Acoustical insulation is therefore required for office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, concert halls and churches. Some commercial or industrial buildings might also require soundproofing.

What is acoustical insulation?

Acoustical insulation —or soundproofing— consists of reducing or stopping the diffusion of sound. So, to minimize the transmission of sound, loose materials are injected in the wall or floor cavities of a building. For instance, this type of insulation will be used in a wall between two condos.

To soundproof a concert hall, insulators sprayed on the surfaces will be preferred. They have a greater ability to absorb sound and may even be used as an architectural finish.

Isolation Algon 2000: the expertise of large-scale commercial, industrial and institutional projects

Isolation Algon 2000 not only uses top quality products that meet LEED standards, it also has a rigorous expertise acquired in large-scale projects such as the acoustical insulation of the Mel’s Studios.

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